Health & Safety Training

Accredited Training
We have moved from strength to strength in the past 50 years providing excellent health and safety trainings for various industrial sectors. We have been delivering national and international accredited training programmes. Our trainers understand specific needs of the delegates in a class-room and adopt appropriate methods to make the subject easier for them to understand, so that it helps delegates not only to perform well in their exams, but also effectively apply new learnings confidently on return to work.

Obviously this will contribute to individual’s career growth and at the same time improve organizational safety culture, which in turn gives competitive advantage over others, by increasing overall reputation, reducing insurance, legal and several unproductive incidental costs that might incur with untrained workforce.

Bespoke Training
Our structured bespoke training programmes meet industry standards, so please discuss with us your requirement, whether you a have clear competency progression for your employees already, or you want us to provide a clear working plan. Our consultants would be more than happy to conduct training needs analysis and provide suitable advice, organize trainings at your premises or in our training facilities.

Engineering Training

Below are list of the ‘Performing Engineering Operations’ (PEO) level 2 units that SETA offers in addition to the mandatory units to achieve a level 2 NVQ. Employers or delegates can choose from the menu below to reflect the training and skills required to reflect company specialisation and employee role.

  • Producing Components using Hand Fitting Techniques (unit 005)
  • Preparing and Using Lathes for Turning Operations (unit 011)
  • Preparing and Using Milling Machines (unit 012)
  • Producing Sheet Metal Components and Assemblies (unit 022)
  • Preparing and Using Manual Metal Arc Welding Equipment (unit 027)
  • Preparing and Using Semi-Automatic MIG, TIG and Flux cored Arc Welding Equipment (unit 029)
  • Wiring and Testing Electrical Equipment and Circuits (unit 033)
  • Forming and Assembling Electrical cable Enclosure and Support Systems (unit 034)
  • Assembling, Wiring and Testing Electrical Panels/Components Mounted in Enclosures (unit 035)
  • Maintaining Electrical Equipment/Systems (unit 037)
  • Assembling and Testing Electronic Systems (unit 036)
  • Maintaining Mechanical Devices and Systems (unit 019)

Bespoke programmes can also be offered from May to August and costed at competitive rates.

The maximum duration for each unit is 4 weeks with the exception of the Welding units which can take longer. For mature candidates who are motivated this can reduce to 2 weeks in some instances.

Technical Training

We recognise that training needs to be flexible and to cover a range of engineering and technical needs. Our internationally accredited training programmes meet the requirement of wide variety of industries.  We run short five and ten day courses throughout the year covering maintenance multi-skilling, welding, machining, pneumatics and hydraulics. These can be enhanced by offering Engineering National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) 2 and 3 units if required.

Improving electrical safety and operator awareness is an important area of plant operations. We offer 17th Edition Regulations and updates, PAT Testing, and Electrical Isolation course. 

We are able to tailor programmes to develop and improve maintenance technician competency and skills.

Bespoke Training

We can customise training programmes to suit your organisational requirement.  Please contact by phone + 44 (0)161 480 9822, or email