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Inspection of Occupational Safety and Health in the Oil and Gas Sector Training Course (Ref: IOSHOG)

Course Duration:

5 days


Classroom training with case study, videos, group activities, multiple choice type final assessment and field study visit as necessary.



Oil and gas sector is one of the highly hazardous industry. The experience in many countries show that it is a hazardous sector which requires good and specific regulations and a strict supervisory and enforcement system, as well as systems to provide enterprises with the required guidance. The Government Authority has the statutory duty to supervise the compliance with regulation of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and other labour issues.
This course is organized to expose participants to guidelines for the inspection activities on OSH in the companies and the oil and gas sector. It will allow participants to analyze and discuss these guidelines and interchange their point of views in order to improve their competences as inspectors. The course will explain the approach to OSH management in oil and gas companies: its concepts and principles, different preventive activities to be developed in the company and how these activities should be organized to achieve its main goal: to provide an environment safe and healthy working.
This course was designed and developed in collaboration with the Training Centre for International Labour Organisation (ILO) and successfully delivered by SETA for the Inspectors of Public Authority in Kuwait.


25 OSH Inspectors with direct monitoring responsibilities in the Public Authority, or for those working for companies to full-fill the regulatory Inspection requirement.


General objective
The general objective of the course is to strength the capacity to undertake OSH advisory and inspection activities in the downstream oil and gas industry.

Specific objectives
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the main OSH hazards and preventive and protective measures of the oil and gas sector.
  • Describe the most important actions and contents for the OSH management of a company in the oil and gas sector.
  • Analyse the OSH management of a company in the oil and gas sector during auditing and propose corrective measures for its improvement.
  • Transfer in an orderly and systematic manner knowledge about OSH inspection/audits in the oil and gas sector.



This course broadly covers oil sector main operations such as exploration, drilling, processing, transport, refining, storage and distribution etc.

  • OSH hazards and risks in the oil and gas sector. Preventive and protective measures
  • Fire and explosions. Risk assessment. Preventive and protective measures.
  • The OSH management system in the oil and gas sector.
  • Inspection/audit methodologies and principles.
  • Preparation and conduction of an inspection visit.
  • Case study of a company in the oil sector as required. Presentation of its OSH management system. Identification of the strong and weak points.
  • Emergency preparedness measures.






The training methodology will use active methods for learning, including audiovisual methods, making use of the experience of participants to facilitate their own total integration and participation in the course activities. Therefore, a fluent dialogue and discussion will take place during the classes in order to enable both a better comprehension of the various topics as well as a larger concentration towards the topics of the participants’ interests.
Participants will also be presented with relevant documentation as a follow-up to the presentations in order to expand the knowledge about the specified topics.
A continuous monitoring and evaluation of the activity will take place during the activity. At the end of the course, an individual end-of-course evaluation questionnaire will be used to allow participants to express their view about the workshop.



SETA International Ltd will deliver a certificate of achievement to each participant enrolled in the course who attends 90% of the training lessons and complete assessments during the course.


Note: Follow-up programme to assist monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of Trainees in future can be provided on request and will be agreed separately.

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