Engineering Training

50 Years of Commitment to Excellence

Below are list of the ‘Performing Engineering Operations’ (PEO) level 2 units that SETA offers in addition to the mandatory units to achieve a level 2 NVQ. Employers or delegates can choose from the menu below to reflect the training and skills required to reflect company specialisation and employee role.

  • Producing Components using Hand Fitting Techniques (unit 005)
  • Preparing and Using Lathes for Turning Operations (unit 011)
  • Preparing and Using Milling Machines (unit 012)
  • Producing Sheet Metal Components and Assemblies (unit 022)
  • Preparing and Using Manual Metal Arc Welding Equipment (unit 027)
  • Preparing and Using Semi-Automatic MIG, TIG and Flux cored Arc Welding Equipment (unit 029)
  • Wiring and Testing Electrical Equipment and Circuits (unit 033)
  • Forming and Assembling Electrical cable Enclosure and Support Systems (unit 034)
  • Assembling, Wiring and Testing Electrical Panels/Components Mounted in Enclosures (unit 035)
  • Maintaining Electrical Equipment/Systems (unit 037)
  • Assembling and Testing Electronic Systems (unit 036)
  • Maintaining Mechanical Devices and Systems (unit 019)

Bespoke programmes can also be offered from May to August and costed at competitive rates.

The maximum duration for each unit is 4 weeks with the exception of the Welding units which can take longer. For mature candidates who are motivated this can reduce to 2 weeks in some instances.

SETA: 50 Years of Commitment to Excellence

Stockport Engineering Training Association Ltd (SETA) was founded in 1966 to provide technical and safety training services to the private and public sectors.

SETA endeavors to understand their customer needs, working closely with both their UK and International clients.

SETA currently has three wholly owned subsidiaries that have been established to meet the specific demands of their customers.

  • SETA Training & Advisory Services Ltd
  • SETA International Ltd
  • SETA Training (Cyprus) Ltd
SETA’s Learning and Skills Academy (UK)

SETA brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to the training services we provide at SETA’s Academy and is valued by large, medium and small sized enterprises we work with.

As an EAL Accredited Centre, we help prepare the next generation of engineers through Apprenticeships and Skills Development programmes that meet, both client request and industrial demand. The Apprentices are in full-time employment with, both local and national companies.

Apprentices are given a strong foundation in engineering through practical and theoretical training at SETA’s Learning and Skills Academy. Available to study at SETA on a day release basis are: BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Operations and Maintenance or Electrical/Electronics and from September 2016 we will also be offering the HNC qualification in Mechanical and Electrical disciplines. The Academy’s excellent facilities and experienced staff train engineers in a range of skills which much include mechanical, electrical, operations and maintenance, welding/fabrication, fitting and design disciplines.

About SETA International Limited

This division extends SETA’s long established expertise to reach both UK and overseas clients in improving their occupational health and safety knowledge through training and consultancy, and also technical and cultural exchange programmes.

We are currently offering internationally accredited NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health), IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) courses and a range of bespoke health and safety block courses in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

For those who undertake bespoke technical courses with us in the UK, they will have the chance to visit companies working with SETA, which we believe will immensely help on their return allowing them to apply new ideas/initiatives in their own work environment.

Where appropriate, delegates will have the opportunity to improve their business/technical English during their stay in the UK, through an organised learning programme, to support their technical skills development.

In addition to our clients availing our existing training, we are keen to assist, the designing and delivery of training programmes for International/ Corporate clients to suit their current needs and industry requirements to improve the competency of their staff for a competitive market place.

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SETA’s Learning and Skills Academy’s excellent facilities and experienced staff train engineers in a range of skills which include mechanical, electrical, operations and maintenance, welding/fabrication, fitting and design disciplines. Find out more here:

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