Health and Safety Audit

We have been working with small, medium and large-scale industries.  Our experienced auditors, from varied backgrounds, have got the expertise to conduct health and safety audits at organisational, departmental and individual level to suit your requirement.  We don’t need to stress the fact these independent audits will identify areas of gap if any, against the expected level of performance based on your organisational policies, plans and procedures that are currently in place to ensure legal compliance.

Advantages of our Health and Safety Audit

  • our assessments are independent and cost effective
  • our audits are in line with national and international labour laws legislation
  • our audits expertise lies in conducting audits methodically and consistent to the current policies at management, departmental, office or individuals levels and identify any gaps to draw your attention for improvement.
  • our auditor(s) will equally highlight best performing areas in planning, organising and implementing and that will help to reiterate positive safety culture.
  • our auditor(s) can interact with your employees at all levels to compile unbiased neutral views from employees, as opposed to gathering information through internal reviews by supervisors/line managers.
  • our auditors would be able to provide recommendations for improvement in policy, procedures, safety management system, training needs and benchmarking to industry standards.
  • saves your valuable time to keep focused on business improvement

What areas are covered by Health & Safety Audit?

Different areas of audit will include, but limited to:

  • Health and Safety Management System
  • Emergency procedures
  • Risk assessment procedures
  • Level of safety culture in the organisation
  • In-house training effectiveness
  • Work site inspection
  • Assessment prior to pre-accreditation, eg, ISO:18001
  • Review of safety performance prior to official accreditation audits
  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Accident investigation

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