Health and Safety Audit

We have been working with small, medium and large-scale industries.  Our experienced auditors, from varied background have got the expertise to conduct health and safety audits at organizational, departmental and individual level to suit your requirement.  We don’t need to stress the fact these independent audits will identify areas of gap if any, against the expected level of performance based on your organizational policies, plans and procedures in place.


Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are done by the experts who had number of years experience in conducting risk assessment in various industries/sectors. 

Advantages of risk assessment

  • Match industry standards
  • Will help to formulate smart health and safety management systems to improve safety culture in the organisation
  • Will reduce insurance cost
  • Will increase compliance to national and international laws in force
  • Will form the basis for regular monitoring where the risks can’t be mitigated completely

Safety Management System

This is our comprehensive assessment service to provide safety management systems that meets legal compliance and budget of the organization.

Our experts will conduct indepth review of the organization taking all relevant factors including following details into consideration

  • organizational short and long-term goals, mission, policies and objectives.
  • Organisational health records and statistics
  • Risk assessment reports
  • Assessing current knowledge and competency of employees at various levels
  • Safety of equipment
  • Workplace safety arrangements

Based on the information gathered, we would be able to provide you a cost effective and workable safety management system that is tailored to your organization.

Training Needs Analysis

Training needs analysis helps to improve organisational talent management strategy by retaining, developing and creating right opportunity for individuals and overall performance of the organisation.

Our approach focuses on the analysis of key business and organisational outcomes in terms of relevance, alignment and measurement of learning and development requirement of individuals in the organisation.

Current capabilities are measured in terms of working knowledge, skill/competency levels and attitude of the individuals, department and managerial levels.

Data will be gathered by structured approach using pre-existing job details, current and expected future performance levels of individual positions in alignment with organizational objectives. Our services also include gathering information through questionnaires and personal interviews.