SETA has a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and regulations which govern its operation.

If you are unable to find a policy relevant to your search please contact Julie Burns on +44 0161-480-9822 for further assistance.

HR001 Alcohol & Drugs Policy

HR002 Age Policy

HR003 Race Policy

HR004 Gender Policy

HR005 Communications Policy

HR006 Data Protection

HR007 Data & Info Security

HR008 Equality Diversity & Inclusion Policy

HR009 Equality & Diversity Statement

HR010 Facebook Policy

HR011 ICT Policy HR012 Email Policy

HR013 Internet Safety Policy

HR014 Performance Management

HR015 Physical Intervention Policy

HR016 Smoking Policy

HR017 Harassment & Bullying Policy

HR018 Training Policy HR019 CRB Policy

HR020 Self Evaluation Policy

HR021 Long Term Sick Leave Policy

HR022 Sick Monitoring & Absence Policy

HR023 Social Networking Policy

HR024 Staff Development Policy

HR025 Teaching & Learning Policy

HR026 Whistle Blowing Policy

HR027 Stress Policy

HR028 Photographing Children

HR029 Standards of Dress Policy

HR030 Proof of Qualifications

HR031 Visitors Policy

HR032 Learner Code of Conduct & Behaviour

HR033 Child Protection Policy

HR034 SafeguardingPolicy

HR035 Young App Attendance Policy

HR036 Confidentiality Policy

HR037 Dismissal & Disciplinary

HR038 Grievance Procedure

HR039 Compassionate Leave

HR040 Redundancy Policy

HR041 IAG Policy

HR042 Disability Policy

HR043 Complaints Policy

HR044 Safer Recruitment Policy

HR045 Safeguarding Code of Conduct & Behaviour

HR046 Terms & Conditions Policy

HR047 Learner attendance sickness accident incident procedure

HR048 Staff Code of Conduct Learners v2

HR049 Freedom of Information Policy

HR050 SETA Code of Professional Conduct

HR051Guest Learner WIFI Access Policy